The Bird is the Word

An egret rests on a sinking canoe. (Nikon S6200)

Photo life isn’t just about bluebonnets and azaleas, you know.

An ibis enjoys the water along the shore. (Nikon S6200)

There are plenty of birds in our area to also compete for my photographic attention. The first two pix were snapped with my Nikon S6200, the point-and-shoot digicam I carry when I’m walking or jogging.

I’m really glad I had it when I saw the egret on the canoe last Sunday morning. When I returned later that day with my Nikon dSLRs to take photos of the flora, the bird, of course, had flown the coop boat.

Ibises hunt for food across the lake. (Nikon D300)

That’s the problem with shooting wildlife vs. wildflowers—the former moves, sometimes very quickly. One minute you’ve barely got them in range . . . .

Soaring above the lake (Nikon D300)

And the next minute? See ya later, ibis-gator!

5 responses to “The Bird is the Word

  1. trish van pilsum

    Love that boat shot.

  2. william j higgins

    Regarding the photo “An egret rests on a sinking canoe. (Nikon S6200)”,
    we would like to use this photo with your permission and with credits for the cover of a small book we are self-publishing. what is the process for this?
    William HIggins

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