Disc Golf Gold

Eric lasers in a putt.

Springing ahead an hour usually means that more disc golf is not only going to be played by my guys but also photographed by yours truly.

Dennis’ long putt heads for the basket.

That means it’s time to knock the action-photography rust off my Nikon D700, which I’ve been using lately for snapping shots of those slow-moving wildflowers.

Cory confidently tosses the disc.

Fortunately, this week our pal Eric restarted the weekly handicap mini disc golf tournament he runs. While the Mister and our younger son competed, I walked around the course at a nearby park, clicking away with my Nikon 105mm lens.

Chuck and his putt are all a-glow.

What I discovered was that as we got closer to sunset, my pics improved. Could have been that I finally got back into the proper photo rhythm. But methinks the key was the light.

The basket is the final destination for Evan’s putt.

Thank you, golden hour! That last 60 minutes of sunlight is considered to be magical for photographers, yielding a special glow. It definitely made some of my pics look better.

My #2 son sails his upshot towards the out-of-sight chains.

Some days I can use all the help I can get!


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