Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

Bluebonnets Are Busting Out All Over!

Beauty as far as the eye can see.

Remember that drought the Houston area suffered through last year?

Loads of bluebonnets

We’ve had plenty of rain so far in 2012. That precipitation blessing has been returned in the form of a gorgeous blanket of bluish-purple. In other words, bluebonnets are plentiful in our neighboring community.

A bee has its pick of posies.

Of course, the bees love Texas’ state flower, too.

Two bees for the price of one photo—can you spot both of them?

I’m glad we share that flower-power love, but bees turn me into the quickest photographer in the southwest. I do not want to get stung! Can’t blame the little stingers, though—the bluebonnets are un-bee-lievably bee-utiful!

Love those Indian Blankets, too.

These are purty, too!!