The Movie Signs

Jeff does indeed live at home.

Thanks to the wonky internet, my tender ears and psyche were bombarded by a gazillion f-bombs Saturday.

When I checked AMC’s website that morning, it claimed that “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” was playing at our local theater. Hot dog! Looks like a winner!!

Alas and alack, the site was wrong. There was no “Salmon Fishing” to be hooked. So instead I opted for the Mister and I to see “Jeff, Who Lives At Home,” which was playing at the same time (well, except it wasn’t the same time . . . if it were, we would have been happily watching Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor).

If I had been Jeff (who lives at home), I would’ve realized that “Salmon Fishing” not playing was a sign . . . to not see a movie!

Jeff (Jason Segel) and Pat (Ed Helms) are brothers often at odds.

Jeff, who was well-played by the likable Jason Segel, lives at home (duh!) with his stressed-out mom (Susan Sarandon). He sees signs in the world around him (“Signs” is his favorite flick) and believes they lead to his destiny. Meanwhile, his brother Pat (Ed Helms) is a jerk having marital problems with his wife Linda (Judy Greer).

Notice that the cast features fine actors. So why in the world do the writers force the dialogue to include as many f-bombs as possible? Have I complained about this before (yes, I have!)? It makes me dislike R-rated movies.

“Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is quirky and sometimes clever. But it’s very much Netflixable.

Evil queen is an apt description for Julia Roberts.

“Mirror Mirror”

Yesterday the Mister and I decided to give Julia Roberts (who I trash here and here) yet another chance when we saw “Mirror Mirror” along with bunches of kids that didn’t include any of our own. At least I knew with the PG rating that I’d be spared from foul language.

But, alas and alack squared, I was not spared from Julia’s dour manner and an absurdly faux British accent (is she in cahoots with Robert Downey Jr.?). So once again I must plead with Roberts to stop being in movies I want to see!

Lily Collins is a sheltered Snow White.

“Mirror Mirror” is a twist on the Snow White fairy tale, of course. Roberts plays the evil queen who is mean to Snow White (Lily Collins).  Hunky Armie Hammer is the prince who could be the one who rescues Snow White . . . if the writers didn’t want kids to see that women are perfectly capable of fighting their own battles. Yay for that updated message!

This is a fun movie for kids, who will like the oddly named dwarfs and their antics. Otherwise, save it for Netflix.

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