Awkward Putting

Christian tees off with ease over the water.

When disc golf goes well, it’s a beautiful thing. Easy drives dropping close to the basket. Long putts that end with the sweet clanging of the chains and a disc nestling in the tray.

It’s obvious from the look on Eric’s face that this isn’t a fun putt.

But like life, disc golf can be ever so painful for these plucky players. And it seems to be at its worse when it comes to putting.

Patrick putts from tree jail.

What might seem to be simple—tossing a plastic disc into a metal basket—can too often be complicated by water or trees.

Tiffany avoids a tree while Tristin Lee is ready to pick up her Mom’s upshot disc.

Sometimes it seems like wood attracts plastic!

My younger son hopes to laser in a wide-open putt.

It makes the disc golfers appreciative of those unencumbered putts. They might not always be easy, but at least you don’t have to contort your body to see your target.

Billy is very confident!

The drop-ins are awfully nice, too!

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