Poultry in Motion

The devil made Billy dress up like this for Halloween disc golf!

Should you really trust advice from someone who dresses like this?

Apparently not!

The flock seems harmless, right?

When I was shooting our local handicap mini disc golf tournament last week, I noticed a bunch of chickens outside of a coop. So I said to Billy, one of the disc golfers, “Do you think chickens attack people?”

“Nah,” he said. “They’re harmless.”

So I sauntered over to the group, put my Nikon D700 to my eye, and released the shutter.

There’s no time to focus when you’re moving in reverse!

Immediately if not sooner, they all start running at me! Holy cow chicken!

Yes, was the chicken . . . with visions of being pecked to death! Of course, I also was a photographer. So I kept snapping away as I hightailed it backwards. Which is a good way to ensure out-of-focus pics.

Bye, bye, birdies!

Soon the feathered fiends decided my camera equipment and I weren’t edible, so they sauntered off. Much to my relief.

Are you looking at me?

But some didn’t seem as forgiving as others.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone . . . .

Talk about your angry birds! I think I ruffled some feathers.


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