Putt Putt (Disc) Golf

My younger son putts at the Texas Army Trail disc golf course.

Know how to tell you’ve been shooting one sport for too long?

A disc approaches the basket.

When you stop snapping pix of the people playing that activity, because you’re bored.

The chains capture a disc.

I’ve been shooting disc golf ever since my younger son became enthralled with the sport in late 2007. That’s a whole lot of photos of people flinging plastic circles into metal baskets.

A par putt nestles among the chains.

The last two times I put my Nikon D700 to my eye when disc golf was being played, though, I was mesmerized by the action of the discs approaching and landing in the chains or tray of the basket. Those putts that players hope will be birdies and pars have a fluid motion that I kept trying to capture.

It was a welcome change!

The disc is about to hit the chains at last week’s Southwest Handicap Mini.

Know how to tell when you’ve really lost your . . . ahem . . . focus?

The disc continues on its route.

When you’re shooting discs going into baskets using burst mode. There’s no turning back after that, I’m afraid.

Lodged in the tray, the putter is done for now.

Hopefully, I’ve gone far enough down this road, though, that I’m ready to go back to shooting the real disc golf action again:

Evan putts.

The players!

Evening primrose at Community Park

And, of course, the occasional wildflower . . . or two . . . or many.


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