Another “Catastic” College Visit

Nice logo!

My younger son’s college tour made its second . . . and final . . . stop last Saturday in San Marcos. The destination? Texas State’s Bobcat Day.

Even though the Mister and the kid have played disc golf on the campus’ course several times, this was a new experience for me. My first reaction to walking around the many buildings? This must be the hill country! I’ve never seen so many stairs before! What goes up must come down . . . and that was us over and over and over. Gosh, I get tired just thinking about it.

Tanner and my #2 son pose.

A highlight for us was touring the rec center and eating lunch with my older son’s friend Tanner, who is a sophomore there. He was able to give us his point of view about Texas State and all that it offers, which is invaluable to an impressionable high school junior.

Texas State is a large, pretty campus with several different educational options for my #2 son. He seemed drawn to its marketing research classes for some reason, and he even talked to an enthusiastic senior philosophy major about that concentration, as well as checking into the Exercise and Sports Science program. Browsing all the academic departments was an eye-opener for him.

One of the many disc golf baskets on campus

Of course, Texas State’s major draw for the kid is the campus disc golf course and club team. Who wouldn’t want to matriculate where they could play their favorite sport every day and get the chance to travel and compete?

I’m not sure which college—the University of Houston or Texas State—my younger son eventually will choose. Will he end up as a cougar or a bobcat? Only time will tell which feline wins his heart.


4 responses to “Another “Catastic” College Visit

  1. Can we vote?! Is there a really good prize if we win? I’m going to go with…wait for it…University of Houston.
    Me thinks C.J. is going to follow in Rick’s footsteps.

  2. Cheryl Carswell

    I vote for Texas State.

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