Too Long of an Engagement

Tom and Violet are a happy couple . . . sometimes.

The Mister and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday. We got married in 1990 after a one-year engagement, mainly because my biological clock was ticking like a time bomb (I was 36), and because I wanted to make sure my father, who was terminally ill, could be there (he died the next year).

Which makes it hard for me to understand why anyone needs a five-year engagement. But, apparently, co-writers Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller thought the longer period of time the better when it comes to a romantic comedy.

They were, unfortunately, wrong.

Still got that galmance for Emily Blunt.

Tom Solomon (Segel) proposes to his girlfriend of a year, Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt), on New Year’s Eve. Tom is a chef in San Francisco, while Violet is hoping to get psychology post-doctorate work at Cal-Berkeley. They start to plan their wedding . . . and then life happens. Twists and turns cause them to postpone their nuptials when Violet instead gets a two-year position at the University of Michigan. Tom tags along but has trouble finding meaningful work.

I know what you’re asking . . . why couldn’t they just get married in Michigan? That’s what I said. But then we wouldn’t have an absolutely awful middle third of the movie that ruined a splendid start and finish.

At first, I loved what a together couple Violet and Tom were. They really seemed connected. They had an easy-breezy, lemon-squeezy, natural relationship. The chemistry was good (well, except when I kept thinking about Emily Blunt really being married to Jim Halpert).

Violet's co-workers (Mindy Kaling, Randall Park, Kevin Hart, and boss Rhys Ifans)

I also enjoyed the scenes with Violet’s co-workers in the psych department (including Kelly Kapoor!). But then it all got uncomfortable with Violet and Tom moving away from each other, first romantically and then physically. The usual Judd Apatow (the producer) f-bombs and totally unnecessary sex scenes had me wishing for a refund.

Fortunately, the ending was brilliant. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save “The Five-Year Engagement” from the dreaded Netflix recommendation.

“Hunger Games” Redux

I watched the “Hunger Games” again, this time with the Mister. I liked it even more than the first time! Wish they would hurry up and complete the next movie.

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