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Fun at the New Ballpark

The ticket in hand

Minor league baseball—in the form of the Sugar Land Skeeters—has arrived in my little city outside of Houston!

Does anyone really want a mosquito as their mascot?

I’m an unabashed baseball fan. Living on the north side of Chicago, I was raised to root for the Cubs. Which is probably why I handle my numerous defeats in Scramble with Friends so easily (being a Houston Astros fan helps with that as well).

My first view of the field. Our seats are near right field.

I also like the minor-league version of America’s favorite pastime. I’ve watched several AAA and AA teams play in the past, and I enjoyed their laid-back nature. So I was looking forward to seeing the Skeeters in action at Constellation Stadium, which is only five minutes from our house.

Our view of the field from our seats (the stadium holds 7,500).

Sidebar: Our Skeeters play in the Atlantic League in what is probably A-minus-quality baseball (many players are former major leaguers or career minor leaguers). Which means that our Texas Gulf team competes against squads in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland. Bizarre!

We feel safe with Eric and his Rod Carew glove ready to snag vicious foul liners.

Spurred on by our good friend Eric, we opted to buy the eight-game mini plan plus three extra games for good measure. He picked seats for our group close to right field. We have two tickets that our family (once our older son returns to the fold from college in a couple weeks) will share.

The kid watches the action on the field.

The Mister, our younger son, and I attended the Skeeters’ second game ever (one guy in our group couldn’t make it so we bought his ticket) against the hated York Revolution. The kid was kinda grumpy about going, claiming he wouldn’t return. Of course, by the fourth inning he was totally won over and couldn’t wait to go again.

Moe, one of the two Skeeters mascots

Our #2 son discovered that you just can’t beat fun at the old/new ballpark! Something happens every half inning, from hamster ball (people rolling themselves in huge inflatable orbs) to pizza giveaways to condiments racing each other (well, kids dressed in costumes).

How could you not root for a player named Bubba in Texas?

Everything was entertaining, even the giant scoreboard. Plus the weather was perfect, with a cooling breeze (it sure will be hot for those July and August games, though).

Love seeing all those runs!

The best part, of course, was that we witnessed the Skeeters’ inaugural win (they ended up taking three out of four games from the two-time defending league champs). Hope it’s not the last victory we see.

Not that it will matter, though. We’ll root, root, root for the Skeeters win or lose.

Sure hope they at least play better than the Astros!