Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

Funky Fireworks

The rockets’ red glare!

In yesterday’s blog, I showed what happens when your settings are correct for shooting fireworks. It seemed like 1/60th of a second was the sweet spot for keeping everything in focus (f/2.8 and 640 ISO with a Nikon 24-70mm lens).

Looks like a meteor shower among a couple palm trees.

Of course, when it comes to photography—like life—the good often is accompanied by the bad and the ugly. Or in this case, the too-slow shutter speed.

The artistic side of fireworks

As I was merrily clicking away after last Friday night’s Sugar Land Skeeters baseball game, I noticed that at times my shutter wasn’t keeping up with my index finger. The reason? There wasn’t enough light in the sky at times, so the shutter was ever so slow. Like 1/5th of a second at times, as in most of these photos, which is tough without using a tripod.

Pretty but slow

Normally, when I blur photos, I delete them. No one thinks you’re a good photographer if you display your lousy pics . . . especially on Facebook, people!

Anyone green with envy? Probably not.

But these missed-it-by-THAT-much pix intrigued me. Just because they weren’t sharp and in focus didn’t make them uninteresting.

Fuzzy fireworks

The funky fireworks seem artsy to me. They also have value and beauty.

In a sloooooow kinda way.