Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Posing Putters

Mike concentrates on his putt.

Most disc golfers tend to ignore me and my Nikon when they’re putting. I try to be careful to wait until the disc leaves their hand before I snap that loud shutter (not that I haven’t gotten blamed a time or two—mostly by my younger son—when the putt goes awry).

Dr. Steve wants to make sure I’ve got him in focus.

Then there’s these two characters, Dr. Steve and Billy. One likes to fake me out when he putts, while the other can be equally as silly. There’s just no stealth photography when these two are near a basket.

Playing to the camera

This past Tuesday both were in the same group at the handicap mini tournament. And both decided to have fun with their easy putts while I was shooting.

Billy is too close to miss.

Notice the same color they’re wearing? It’s almost like they were saying, “Orange you glad we’re posing for you?”