Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

One Week

The pencils have been sharpened for the last time.

In one week, my younger son will be through with his junior year of high school. But, really, he’s pretty much done today.

The folders, book, and little-used planner have left the backpack.

In our school district, all high school students except the freshmen can be exempt from second-semester finals if they have at least an 80 in the class, have passed their TAKS standardized tests, and have missed no more than four days of school this semester. Some juniors and seniors don’t have to take any finals, core classes or electives.

My #2 son about to drive off to school this morning.

Including this guy! He’s met all the requirements, so he gets out early today and has to minimally be at school next Tuesday through Thursday.

When he walks out the doors of his high school Thursday, he will be a senior. The next day he turns 17.

I’m amazed at the huge changes that can happen in just seven days!