Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

A Jumpin’ Good Birthday

Ricky and RJ helped C.J. celebrate his birthday.

C.J. had no trouble deciding where he wanted to spend his 17th birthday last Friday: At the Sky High trampoline park. We went there back in January, and he loved it.

The three boys jump and chat.

Joining my two sons once again were my “third son,” Chase, and Tanner. New to the Sky High experience were my baby boy’s friends RJ (who he’s known since kindergarten) and Ricky.

Tanner defies gravity!

Like before, Tanner was our star, flipping with the best of them. He’s so much fun to watch! The other five? Entertaining in their own (often inept) ways.

Jake is about to land head-first in the foam pit.

Before we left for Sky High, I wrestled with my usual photographic quandary: Which lens(es) to use to document the poorly lit event. The first time I opted for my trusty Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-200mm lens. The results? Basically meh.

Ricky flies into the foam pit.

So I decided to change things up, pairing my Nikon 105mm and 85mm lenses with the D700. My ISO still was high at 1600-2000, but I think I got more in-focus pix.

The pit is the place for RJ.

Of course, the guys only cared about that basic rule of gravitation: What goes up must come down.

Chase is suspended in space . . . but not for long.

Again and again and again!