Daily Archives: June 8, 2012

Low-Light P&S Photography

The Mario Kart screen looks washed out (non-flash and non-low-light setting).

When I want to photographically travel light, I usually opt for one of two point and shoot cameras: My Nikon Coolpix S6200 (great for outdoor photos due to its 10x zoom) or my Canon S90 (reputed to be one of the best non-dSLRs for indoor pix).

Flash doesn’t look natural plus it reflects in the screen.

So the other day when my older son and I traveled to San Antonio for a roommate mixer at Dave & Buster’s, I grabbed the Canon, figuring I’d be able to use its low-light abilities inside the wildly lit madhouse. And I was glad I did!

That’s better! (Low-light setting; 800 ISO)

Of course, at first I totally forgot about the S90’s low-light setting, which is a selection on the top dial. Duh! Trying to snap decent pre-mixer pics of my #1 son as he raced the other characters (he always picks Yoshi) in Mario Kart using no flash or flash on auto was pretty much an exercise in quality futility.

But once I remembered to switch to the low-light mode (which increases the ISO; I didn’t think the photos look all that grainy even at 2000), it was easy to conclude one thing:

Now it’s easy to read what’s on the screen (IS0 800)!

The Canon S90’s low-light mode is absolutely illuminating!