More Pool Antics

My #2 son helps his big bubba get on Chase’s shoulders.

Just when I thought my sons couldn’t scare up anything new to do in our backyard swimming pool, they pulled another water-logged rabbit out of the proverbial hat.

First, they came up with the potential heart attack-inducing (for mom) leap by my older son over his little bubba and my third “son,” Chase. Without so much as a running start. All I can say is that my collegian definitely has hops.


Then they decided to stack the deck pool and form a totem pole. As my younger son might say, “They’re not heavy, they’re my brothers!” I’m not sure if he’s having as much fun as they are, though.

What goes up . . .

While the kid stayed as the anchor, the college duo tried switching places. Even though Chase weighs the least, this made for an unsteady totem pole.

. . . must come down!

But it seemed like falling in the water was almost as much fun as rising to the top.

A watery high five

Yes, there’s nothing like fun in the pool during the summer . . . for the boys. I’m nervously anticipating more death-defying acts in the months ahead.

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