Bombs Away!

Evan stays focused on the task at hand despite the goofball behind him.

Here’s a splendid example of photobombing. At last Tuesday’s handicap mini disc golf tournament, Tony jumped into the picture as I was snapping Evan putting. Glad Evan didn’t miss!

Lookin’ good . . . except for Tony.

Looks like it was (inadvertent) payback time later during the round, though. The foursome (Manish and Mike sandwiching Tony and Evan) all threw their discs around the basket. They were nice enough to pose before they each putted out. Notice how all of them look good except for the St. Louis Cardinals fan?

Did I get the last laugh?

Actually, Tony did, because he was the overall winner due to his fine score and handicap rating. I have a funny feeling that he’ll continue his photobombing ways—maybe that’s what brought him luck!


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