Discin’ It Up in Austin

My #2 son sends a putt towards the basket.

I might be one of the few people in Texas who hasn’t spent much time in Austin. I’ve only been to the state capital once since I moved here from Illinois in 1983. I have to really get psyched up to leave my familiar and much-loved 10-mile travel radius.

The Mister played several holes.

Of course, when it comes to my sons, all bets are off, and my scope suddenly widens. Before I know it, I find myself in the Mister’s Honda Odyssey ready for a new adventure.

It’s an easy putt for Glen.

My younger son has wanted to play disc golf courses in Austin for awhile. When a new, super 18-holer, Roy G. Guerrero DGC, opened up to much fanfare recently, the kid decided a road trip was in order.

Eric shows off his flair for stylish putting, much to Glen’s amazement.

Which is why last weekend we found ourselves heading towards Austin with our disc golf friends Eric and Glen and families. I tagged along to photograph Roy G. (the guys played two more courses after that) and was so impressed by how nice it was.

Stephen sails a putt.

We met up with our old pal Stephen, who has moved to Austin. He had already played Roy G. several times, so he was a perfect guide.

The basket is ready for Tommy’s putt.

After a couple holes, Stephen’s friend Tommy joined our merry group. He also is a Roy G. fan.

The Glens—little and big

A treat for me—besides watching my boy play—was seeing Glen V again. He and Kelly came along to add to the fun.

Kelly kisses her sweet baby boy.

Little G seemed to enjoy the course as much as the big boys and their photographer did. Before we know it, he’ll be playing, too.

And now I can proudly say that I’ve visited Austin twice!

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