My Take(s) on iPhone Self-Portraits

Take one . . . nice hand

Some people are great at snapping self-portraits and group photos with their smart phones.

Sadly, my friends, I am not one of them. I’d like to offer up as an excuse that I’m used to the heft of my Nikon digital SLR, but that’s weak. I simply don’t have the necessary skill set . . . and it doesn’t look like I’m developing it any time soon, unfortunately.

The evidence? Last Saturday night’s Sugar Land Skeeters game.

Take 2 . . . nice hats, light pole, and sky

My older son and I attended the minor-league contest, mostly to see good baseball (we won 8-0!) but partly to score free Skeeters’ caps, which was the giveaway. Once we were in our seats, I figured I’d snap a pic or two on my iPhone 4S of our smiling, hatted heads so we always could remember the occasion.

Easy peasy, right?

Take 3 . . . lovely, just lovely (Photoshop wants no part of this)

Not at all! Even though the iPhone lets you see what you’re shooting, I kept goofing up. The shutter wouldn’t snap when I wanted it to. So frustrating . . . with such woeful results.

Take four . . . getting better!

I finally managed a halfway-decent shot before my #1 son lost his wonderful smile and patience. But as you can see, I have part of my hand in the pic, the backlighting makes us too dark, and the background is distracting.

Enter Photoshop! The first step is to crop. The second is to lighten. And the third is to select the background and blur the heck out of it.

The result?

Not perfect but much better!

While it’s not quite suitable for framing, it is a nice memento of mom and son together.

Too bad you can’t really see much of those darn caps!


6 responses to “My Take(s) on iPhone Self-Portraits

  1. Luv that last picture, EM. Who would know this could be so difficult. You both have such beautiful smiles in this picture. Of course, I’ve seen yours for years but Jake’s is one of those miraculous new visions!

  2. Cute pictures none-the-less. You probably already know this but you can hold down the “Shutter” button and just let go when you want to “Click”. That handles the shutter delay better pressing the shutter when you are ready.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I was holding the “shutter” button down, trying to release it when ready, but it wasn’t working right. Then I tried using the volume button as the shutter button, and it also wouldn’t cooperate. Very frustrating!

  3. Volume button as shutter? CRAZY! For my phone only up volume works as a shutter. Is that correct? Never knew that one. I also just learned you can just swipe in camera mode to look back at the pictures you have taken. All this time I have been pushing the tiny picture to the left of the shutter. Always fun to learn new features. Thanks!

    • Yes, only the up volume button . . . if you can manage to find it (I had trouble with that, too!). I have a feeling that even after years of iPhone use that there are helpful tricks and tips I don’t know about. Is ignorance bliss?

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