Photo-less Back Home

See the photo above? Yeah, me neither.

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson from last year’s Amateur Disc Golf World Championships.

But nooooooo. I didn’t. Once again I entrusted the man who stole my heart 24 years ago. My parenting partner of 20 years. The person who knows me best in life to make me feel like I was with him and our younger son at this week’s Am Worlds in Charlotte, North Carolina, while I stayed home with our older son.

Sidebar: Good thing I did, because the 16-year-old furnace died and is being replaced as I type. Can’t wait for the air conditioning to work again!

After four days of begging for any shred of photographic evidence that my other child still existed, here’s the Android phone pic the Mister finally texted me:


Yes, it’s a dryer. The Mister was doing laundry while the kid played.

Did I need to be more specific? And isn’t this just typically male?

That’s more like it!

Later that day the Mister texted a second photo. Finally, I could see my scruffy-bearded baby boy!! All was right in my world again.

It doesn’t take much to make me smile.

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