A Birth Announcement

Welcome to the world!

The Mister, the boys, and I are pleased to announce a new addition to our home (well, it was literally transformed on our house): Our monarch butterfly!

I’ve named her Monique (I think it’s female).

When I left the house this morning for my run, I first checked out the chrysalis closest to our front door.

Gone but not forgotten

Sadly, it was empty. Our first monarch butterfly apparently had literally flown the coop.

Monique enjoys her brief coming-out party.

Then I stepped off the front porch and looked up at the second chrysalis. There was our new bundle of joy hanging near the burst sac.

Of course, I immediately ran back into the house to take photos before continuing with my jogging. I wasn’t sure how long Monique would stay. I had read that after several hours, new butterflies continue on their life’s journey.

But when I returned, Monique was still there. I showed her to her brothers, who were less than impressed (boys!).


After awhile, I walked back outside and saw just the empty chrysalis attached to the house.

Monique, we hardly knew ye!

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