Gee Times Three

That’s one cute Kan!

G to the third power descended upon our backyard this week.

The first “G” was Glen Vaka Glive. We see the toddler sporadically, so it’s always a treat when he visits with the second “G.”

Little G gives Big G advice on his throw.

Who, of course, is his dad, Glen IV. Who looks more like a mountain man with that bushy beard of his.

The Gs make a play.

Big and Little G had fun playing KanJam with . . . surprise! . . . the third “G”:

Uncle Greg throws despite his unhappy nephew.

Glen’s look-alike brother Greg, who is visiting while on a break from teaching kindergarten in China.

Did I like having three cute guys KanJamming in the backyard? Gosh, oh gee, yes!

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