Our Household Downsizes Again

The bins and incidentals ready for the Odyssey and Highlander last Friday night.

Now there are three of us at home once more.

The kitchen has granite . . . unlike ours.

Last Saturday the Mister and I helped our older son move back to San Antonio in anticipation of his junior year (hard to believe!) at the University of Texas branch there. Even though he’s back at the same college, this starts a season of change for him.

My son picked out this cute frog shower curtain. He loves frogs. I don’t.

After two years he’s out of the dorm and in a new duplex, two-story apartment a mile or so from campus. It’s nicer than any place I’d ever lived in until we built our house. Downstairs is a lovely kitchen, living room with comfy couches, large guest bathroom, and . . . most important . . . a washer and dryer.

My big kid hated when the girls in the dorm monopolized all the laundry equipment, even going so far as taking his clothes out of the machines before he could. You would think that he would see that as an opportunity to actually meet and talk to the fairer sex, but he’s kind of a shy guy. Now he has ended the laundry war.

Upstairs my son and his roommate have their own bedrooms and bathrooms. Not much sharing going on with this duplex. That works well for my kid.

An apple a day helps keep my son healthy.

Speaking of roommates, my son will have a new one. Our neighbor Ben, his roomie of two years, will spend the fall semester studying in Italy. When he returns to San Antonio, he’ll have an apartment near UTSA’s downtown campus where all his classes are. I know my guy will really miss Ben, as will we.

We didn’t get a chance to meet Marcell, my #1 son’s pot-luck roommate, because he hadn’t fully moved in yet. But we’re looking forward to getting to know him during a future visit.

So now my son has a new place, roomie, and routine. To go along with 15 hours of business classes, none of which starts before 12:30 p.m. (definitely his idea).

My boy smiles . . . despite having bins behind him that need to be unpacked.

I hope he has an amazing school year filled with lots of learning, good grades, and wonderful experiences. We miss you, sweet boy!


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