Daily Archives: August 27, 2012

Senior Struggles

My high school senior is home . . . and he’s mad.

I delayed writing a post today, because trying to get C.J. off to school to start his . . . gulp! . . . senior year was intensely stressful. Even though he’s been fine all summer, he had trouble sleeping last night and felt awful this morning.

Was the nightmare going to begin again?!?

Fortunately, C.J. had promised to give his friend RJ a ride, so off he went in the Fuze. My stomach was in knots all day, especially after he texted me a couple times that he was struggling to stay in class. All I could tell him was to breathe deeply and hang in there.

He returned home grumpy, as much because of chaos in the parking lot as his digestive problems. But he’s willing to see if his anxiety lessens this week, enabling him to continue at his high school.

I am praying that will be the case. And that tomorrow will be a better day for my beloved baby boy in this all-important senior year.