Soft Toss


No matter where my sons are, they like to toss things at each other.

I think it’s a boy thing, because the Mister often joins in.

Plus they like to invent games to keep boredom at bay. Of course, these activities include the aforementioned throwing. No spelling bees or geography quizzes for my guys. Should learning be involved? Perish the thought!

The kid tosses a King Dedede plushie up the stairs.

So it was only natural that when we visited my older son recently at his two-story apartment in San Antonio, my guys devised a new sport that involved hurling objects up and down the stairs. We live in a one-story house, so stairs actually are a novelty to them (yep, they’re so deprived).

Can my older son catch Boo?

Fortunately, my collegian owns a wonderful collection of plushies that were perfect for the game due to their squish factor. Which led me to dub this fun diversion as “soft toss.”

Got it!

Naturally, both boys tried to throw these cute, stuffed toys as hard as possible. My younger son hit me square in my Nikon 50mm lens with Boo while I was defenselessly snapping away (he claims it wasn’t on purpose, but I’d like him to take a lie detector test anyway).

Boo may be a ghost in the Mario world, but in real life smacking into the Nikon D700 up against my face? It kinda stung.

King Dedede and Rowdy the roadrunner are on their way up while #2 tries to catch Boo.

Watching my sons have so much fun together made me smile. I’m thankful that they get along so well and have no trouble battling boredom.

I have a feeling that every time we visit my collegian, a game of soft toss will be on the agenda. Next time I think I’ll just watch . . . from a protected area.


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