Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Too Much Photoshop

My #1 son’s oh-so-handsome senior yearbook photo (2009)

I love this photo of my older son! Even though he’s now a scruffy-bearded college junior, I use this pic as my iPhone’s screensaver. Those beautiful blue eyes are mesmerizing.

So I was looking forward to my younger son having his senior yearbook photo taken last month (he waited until the last minute so he could keep his scruffy beard as long as possible). I couldn’t wait to see my baby boy in his faux tux (the guys wear the dickey formal-wear shirt, bow tie, and jacket, while the gals are stuck with a shapeless drape). It definitely ratchets up the hunk factor.

Will the kid win any best-dressed awards?

As we waited for his turn in front of the camera, I snapped this pic of my younger son with my iPhone. He looked handsome, of course, but I knew the official print would be so much better.  Then the kid asked me if I thought they would touch up his acne for the yearbook photo. I told him they probably were pretty handy with Photoshop and hoped that they would. I know how sensitive all the seniors are about looking their best.

After almost four long weeks, his proofs finally arrived yesterday. What an exciting moment for me as I ripped open the envelope! Would his green-gray eyes be sparkling? Could we see the red highlights in his hair? Would I start imagining him in his prom tuxedo (if he should go)?

Most importantly, did the portrait studio work its magic and make his blemishes disappear?

Quite a change!

Even though the name on the photo was my son’s, he sure looked different.

Methinks the studio was a little heavy-handed with its Photoshop use. But at least his acne was gone!

Sidebar: After I posted the above pic on Facebook, one of my younger son’s friends recognized the beautiful young lady and contacted her. She didn’t have the same experience I had of seeing someone else in her envelope from the portrait studio; she hasn’t gotten her proofs yet. But now she knows where they are!