Film at 11 Once Again

Karan and my older son prepare to act out their scene for Chase to tape.

Oh, how I miss my older son . . . and his friends! Our house just isn’t the same when they’re away at their respective colleges (or overseas, as is the case with his former roommate Ben). When I think of all of them, I can’t help but remember the hours of work they used to do for those wacky videos that my son and my “third son,” Chase, produced.

Making the films—which involved filling the house and yard with laughter and purpose—was as much fun as viewing the finished product.

My younger son takes a turn behind the camcorder.

So you can well imagine how thrilled I was when the kid said he wanted to produce a short video for his U.S. Government project at our house. Bring out the camcorder!

Ricky and my #2 son spy on sleeping Cody.

My younger son and his partner in crime, Ricky, reported on U.S. privacy laws. After whipping up a PowerPoint (with classmate Austin B.), they gathered ideas and looked for willing actors. Fortunately, the kid’s lifelong pal Cody was available, as was Katherine, another friend from his elementary school days.

Katherine chats on her cellphone, as two goofs listen in.

Everyone looked like they were having waaaaaay too much fun as they videoed, considering that the question of whether or not our government has the right to listen in on our conversations and nose around in our everyday life is a serious one.

The kid and Ricky creep up on the Fuze (Cody is inside it).

Ah, the carefree world of high school seniors! Do they know how lucky they are?

Ricky is the spy who came in from the pool!

Watching these teens’ antics made me smile. The video, set to the apropos song “Somebody’s Watching Me,” was cute and helped present their point of view.

But then it hit me that these four young adults will be moving on to college in less than a year, and that saddened me. Good thing I’ll have this video to watch when I miss them, too.


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