Where, Oh Where, Is Fall?

Fluffy weeds add bits of pink to the green and brown landscape.

When you grow up in Chicago, fewer things are surer in life than crisp October temperatures, and the leaves changing colors. Like most former northerners in southeast Texas, I dearly miss fall. And having four distinct seasons . . . instead of monstrously hot and I wish it was like this forever (but it never is, and it’s never for long enough).

A few leaves get into the fall spirit.

So while I waited for Mother Nature to finally give the Houston area a break and bring on cooler temperatures (looks like it could happen Friday!), I set out for nearby Imperial Park to see if the predominant green colors were starting to change.

I wish all the leaves looked this pretty.

I discovered that, sadly, not much was different. The park still was mostly green with very few spots of that glorious shade of red signifying that fall is just around the corner.

Want to know something else that was eerily similar?

Our friend Eric makes an easy putt while in the middle of a call to his agent.

That you always can find disc golfers tossing plastic circles into metal baskets . . .

The kid tries to nail his par putt.

. . . no matter what the season!

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