Chivalrous Voting


Last Sunday night in our dining room, my younger son and his friend Ricky were working on their extra-credit assignment for their U.S. Government class: Put a message on a t-shirt urging students to vote. And make sure the slogan is catchy.

Ricky cleverly came up with “Vote November 6. Do it for the sticker.” Gotta love that “I voted” tag! But my kid was stumped.

Finally he decided to go with “Vote November 6 and I will give you a high five.” No problem . . . except that he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing (yes, he is male) and started writing “hiv” instead of “hig.”

Oh oh!

No one wants to be given “HIV.” Even with a catchy slogan of “It’s infectious!”

Gotta fix this!

So it was back to the drawing board t-shirt. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of words with “hiv” in them that fit the situation. So the kid made lemonade out of his typoed lemon and came up with this:

Long messages are good, right?

Yes, he turned that “hiv” into “chivalrous!” How gallant of him! And what a great family story this will be in the years to come.

You just gotta laugh.

Whatever message or slogan moves you, please vote today! Chivalrously or otherwise.


2 responses to “Chivalrous Voting

  1. I read it as “Hi V”, as in V the Roman numeral. But that was after reading it as Human immunodeficiency virus. His save is better.

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