The Non-Art of Joke Telling

Here’s the Mister when he’s not trying to be funny.

There are three undeniable facts about the Mister:

First, he’s a hard worker at our family box-distribution business and a great provider, which is extremely helpful for his gold-digging, lazy wife (as in yours truly).

Second, there are very few songs that he won’t mangle due to his inability to remember the lyrics (but he does display his nice voice . . . as he’s getting almost every word wrong).

Finally, he can’t tell a joke to save his soul.

The Mister gleans a lot of his supposedly comic material from his bestie, Eddie Wayne, who is a splendid storyteller. Unfortunately, parts of it get lost in the transition from the way Eddie spun the joke to when our guy presents it.

Usually, it’s the punchline.

Here’s a recent example, as told by the Mister:

A man walks into a bar. The bartender says, “I’ll bet you $100 I can make you cry.”

The man says, “I’ll take that bet!”

The bartender says, “Let me call Kurt.”

This causes the listeners to fall silent . . . because the bartender is supposed to say, “Let me call Boo.” Followed up by the soon-to-be-poorer patron responding, “Boo who?”

Actually, the way the Mister tells jokes really is funny. He inadvertently always cracks us up with his ineptitude. And that can be even more hilarious than the original comic story.

We love when our big guy makes us laugh!


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