Making Fun of Dear, Old-Fashioned Mom

This was a recent text-versation with my older son.

Last Friday morning, my older son and I were texting about a date he had that night.

(Let’s pause for a moment while that statement sinks in. Yes, my son actually had a date. With a girl he asked out! It’s a rare occurrence despite all his wonderful qualities and brilliant blue eyes. Of course, the Mister and I were doing the happy dance!)

Typical of my thrifty collegian, he was taking her to see UTSA’s free movie, “The Expendables 2” (ugh!). Yes, free. With no dinner before.

So, concerned mom that I am (as in concerned that I’ll never see this child married and giving us grandchildren), I made two simple suggestions that probably never occurred to him: Brush your teeth and go out for a soda after the flick.

You can read his witty response. Ouch!

Perhaps I should’ve suggested frozen yogurt instead?


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