My Shaggy Son

An iPhone self-portrait snapped before his haircut

A few weeks ago when I glanced at my older son on our iMac screen during his Skyping session with his younger brother, I just had to stop and stare.

Where did that collegiate caveman come from?

My #1 son’s hair sports a natural curl, which only is tamed by frequent haircuts. He hadn’t stepped into a salon since school started in August. This led to the following conversation:

Practical Mom: “Have all the haircut places closed down in San Antonio?”

Older son: “I don’t feel like getting my haircut.”

His mom who has suddenly been replaced by my mom: “This is like being transported back to the 1960s! You look like a hippie!! How can any girl notice your beautiful blue eyes if all they can see is all that hair?”

Even though my collegian wants so badly to be a rebel either with or without a cause, he’s cursed with being a first-born child. Which means his inner compass compels him to toe the line and usually listen to his parents. Especially when he knows we can see him via Skype or FaceTime.

And would be visiting him that weekend.

And after!

Ahhhh! Much better!


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