Feathered Friends

Love those yellow feet!

As a reward for jogging eight miles the day before, I went on a photo walk through our neighboring master-planned community last Sunday. Armed with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-200mm lens extended by a 1.7x teleconverter, I spent a good 45 minutes or so looking for wildlife. Mainly birds, which love the lake system.

Sailing away above the water

First, I found a cute snowy egret enjoying life on a pier until people (mainly me) got too close to it.

As I walked around the lake, a flash of white followed by a splash of water caught my attention.

Searching for food

It was a Forster’s Tern (as ID’d by my wildlife expert, Jess), a bird I never had noticed before.

The tern closes in on the water.

This little guy hovers over the water looking for small fish.

Target sighted!

Suddenly, it dives into the lake!

The tern is on its way out of the water.

But not for long.

Off he goes.

Soon it exits the water, ready to start the pattern over. It was fascinating to watch!

See ya later!

After awhile, a pal or relative joined the action before they both flew away.

I guess one good tern deserves another!

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