Double the Butterfly Fun

Purple looks good with black.

As I was strolling home from last Sunday’s photo walk, my eye was drawn to the pretty purple of my community’s society garlic plants. Stopping to admire them, I put my heavy photo backpack down on a nearby brick wall. But all too soon, I was reaching inside it to grab my camera equipment.

What a colorful sight!

Flitting about and fighting a stiff breeze was a beautiful, black swallowtail butterfly! What a contrast it was to those mostly white birds I had been shooting earlier.

Could this be Monique again?

Before long, a bit of fluttering orange made me turn my head. A monarch butterfly was attracted to some buds on a nearby tree. How lucky to have two flying posers so close to me!

Gotta spread those wings

Birds and butterflies made for a bountiful photoshoot. I’m just glad another “b” word didn’t come buzzing along to spoil my fun!

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