An Update on Our Football Season

The boys break through the banner before the game starts.

It’s said that all good things must come to an end. Truer words were never spoken about our high school’s history-making football season.

Brandon (black jersey) battles for the pass reception.

Our mighty, mighty Bulldogs thrilled their fans with a great fall campaign. It was made all the more sweeter after we endured years of struggling (including that morale-busting stretch of 19 straight losses).

Kelly and Jenny lead our fans with their cheers

Not only did our plucky players enjoy a winning season, but they finished 6-1 in the district, earning the distinction as co-champs. For the first time ever. Plus they won seven games (7-3 overall in the regular season). For the first time ever. And they qualified for the state playoffs. For the first time since 1999.

When my high school senior was four years old.

Quarterback Seun hands off to Bryson.

We had high hopes going into the first round of the playoffs this past Saturday. But with football being Texas’ state religion, we knew we couldn’t take anyone for granted, even our opponent with its 5-5 record.

Nick and Brandon jump to celebrate the latter’s touchdown.

Despite a good-sized, spirited crowd energized on a gorgeous 70-degree afternoon, our team’s goal to win its first playoff game ever was denied. We lost 28-24. And so our wonderful season has ended.

Nick corrals an over-the-shoulder pass for a touchdown.

In football as in life, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Once the disappointment finished washing over me, I felt happy for our school that our team finally found success on the field. It was so well-deserved.

Plus there’s always next year!


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