A Shoelace Tradition

New Balance 880s: My newest pair of running shoes

New Balance 880s: My newest pair of running shoes

When I started jogging waaaaay back in 1979, there were very few running shoes to choose from. The comparison to today is laughable. Looking back at my first running log, I noted that I bought a pair of Brooks Vantage on May 17 of that year. I think they were selected as “Runner’s World’s” shoe of the year and probably cost about 30 bucks.

Fast forward to today . . . or, rather, yesterday. I paid about $100 for a fresh pair of New Balance 880s at the New Balance store in Houston (after vowing long ago to never drop a C note on running shoes; of course, I was never going to fork out three bucks for gas either).

In my 34 years of running, I’ve probably bought at least 100 pairs of sneaks, almost all Nike (the Pegasus has been my long-run shoe for years now) and New Balance. While they’ve changed in price and style every year, one thing has always stayed the same: The way I lace them up.

Note the skipped hole.

Note the skipped hole.

I always skip one hole around the midfoot when I prepare a new pair for the road. Why? Well, because I always have! It might have started with shoes that were a little too tight, and that’s how I fixed the problem. After that it became a long-held tradition. Like using cord locks so I don’t have to tie my shoelaces.

And keeping a log every year. Yes, I’m on my 34th one. They definitely can come in handy when I need to find out the name of my first running shoe and reminisce about all the pairs that have been fit to be tied!


2 responses to “A Shoelace Tradition

  1. Linda Croto Lucas

    Susan – this is a great story and something of a walk down memory lane for me. I started running in 1978 and Brooks Vantage were also my first pair of shoes. In like fashion, I moved to the Nike Pegasus but my very high arches and a major bout of plantar fasciitis brought me to Asics in the 1990’s. With them I stay, swearing by their Kayano’s year after year. As a cheap economist who refuses to pay full price at retail, I purchase my year’s supply of shoes every year at the Marathon Expo, so far managing to remain below the C-Note price tag per pair. I was once religious, as you, about keeping a running log, but that went by the wayside many year and miles ago. I started doing it again this year, however. I tried the cord locks but never quite got used to them. I guess I have just tied and double knotted my shoes for too many years to change.I hope to see you come January 13th, if nothing else to say “Hello” in person. Stay healthy in the 6 weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Linda Croto Lucas

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