A Sticky Situation


This is a most UNWELCOME visitor!

After my adventure with one of the most-toxic caterpillars on the entire flippin’ continent, e.g., the puss moth caterpillar (aka asp), I figured I was relatively safe from front door danger. Having one of those creepy crawlers nearby again must be akin to those million-to-one Powerball odds. So, of course, I was living large and resting easy.

Why, oh why, didn’t I buy a lottery ticket? Guess whose harmless-looking-but-potentially-deadly cousin came a-calling last Friday?

I actually shuddered when I looked at the front door that day. What the heck?!?

Danger danger!

Danger danger!

Making it even worse was that the mini moptop was climbing up the jamb, getting perilously close to door itself. What was someone with a heightened case of insectophobia (asp division) supposed to do?

Fortunately, it was almost 3 p.m., so high school was done for the day. My younger son came riding up on his white horse . . . or, rather, in his white car . . . to save my day.

Will the asp take the bait?

Will the asp take the bait?

He placed a large stick near the caterpillar and waited.

Here it comes!

Here it comes!

Before long, the furry beastie was climbing on the stick. I, of course, kept my distance from those venomous spines and made sure that the asp wrangler did the same.

A little camera shy

A little camera shy

What a relief to get that micro mustache away from the front door! Even the photos give me the willies.

A boy and his unsafe prey

A boy and his unsafe prey

My young hero placed the stick near the house but well away from the door. We knew that the caterpillar needed to climb up high to find a safe spot to cocoon.

And that should be the end of this scary story. Sadly it’s not.

When I was looking out the front door window before my son came home, I was startled to see something odd tucked away inside the jamb, higher up from the current crawler.

Not the safest spot for a cocoon

Not the safest spot for a cocoon

A puss moth caterpillar must have stopped scooching  up the jamb at that spot sometime between when I spotted the first asp and last Friday. Which meant that it was near the front door at some point. Who knew we were that close to potential danger?!?

I might never use our front door again!


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