Terrible Towels

My bath towel hanging neatly by our hand towel.

My bath towel hanging neatly by our hand towel.

Everyone in our family takes showers in our large master bathroom.

Once my sons outgrew baths and could manage on their own, I lovingly and gently showed them how to neatly hang up their bath towels on the multi-tiered rack over the commode room door so they dry properly.

The Mister even hangs up his towel neatly.

Even the Mister hangs up his towel properly.

But, apparently, the lesson never stuck in brains filled with math, science, English, videogames, baseball, disc golf, and texting. Every year or so I’d have to remind the boys—less gently every time—to stop throwing their towels on the racks. How difficult is that to do?



Looks like it’s back to the drawing board!


4 responses to “Terrible Towels

  1. Don’t complain. At least the towels make it to the racks. I’m still trying to convince mine to keep them off the floor!

  2. Hysterical! I’m with Aimee – most of the time Matt’s doesn’t even make it off the floor. What is that about???? He has 2 towel racks and can’t manage to put a towel on either! UGH!

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