A Matter of Perspective

The drive is on its way towards the basket.

The drive is on its way towards the basket.

Certain photos lend themselves to certain orientations, as in vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape). Take the above photo of my younger son teeing off during last Saturday’s Sugar Land Showdown.

I shot it holding my Nikon D700 horizontally. I like how it shows the open vista of Imperial Park with a hint of the basket waiting for a disc off in the distance.

Is this one better?

Is this one better?

But then I decided to experiment. I tried a vertical crop. This also works nicely, because the distant basket anchors the photo.

I’m not sure which version a disc golfer prefers—wide-opened or focused in. Is the form important? The flight of the disc? The flat landscape? I guess it depends on the person’s personal viewpoint. For example, the kid won’t care for either crop; all he’ll remember is how the wind took his disc out of bounds to the right.

But I can tell you that from a mom perspective, I’m dialed into one and only one thing: Those shorts need to be pulled up!


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