Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Chasing the Sunrise

Fire in the sky!

Fire in the sky!

My route for this morning’s two-mile jog was simple: Go down the walk/bike path towards our elementary school and turn left, so I could run through the park and return home.

But when I reached the school grounds, I looked to my right and saw the most-gorgeous, red sunrise that just about stopped me in my tracks. And then it knocked me off course.

Close yet so far away

Close yet so far away

Immediately, I took off my gloves (it was a brisk 45 degrees), grabbed my iPhone 5 from the pouch attached to my water bottle belt, and headed right on the sidewalk that circles our master-planned community. I stopped several times to snap photos, but I couldn’t fully capture that awesome spectacle due to the houses, trees, and power lines.

Let’s add some gold to the color palette.

The color palette grows.

By the time I finally jogged past the trees, bands of yellow joined that radiant red. Suddenly I remembered that today is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness of women’s heart disease. Looks like the sunrise was doing its part to help the campaign.

The clouds are pretty as a pink and red picture.

The clouds are as pretty as a pink and red picture.

Well played, Mother Nature. Well played.