A Milestone Birthday

Age 5

Age 5

This cute, little slugger . . .

Adulthood includes videogames

Adulthood includes videogames

. . . turned 21 years old yesterday!

I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around that fact. Probably because it reminds me that:

1. Even though it seems like only yesterday that he was five years old and starting the spring T-ball season in Little League, my wonderful, older son is finishing up his junior year at UTSA. He’ll be a flippin’ college senior, for goodness sakes!

2. This man-child now is an adult. I need to stop remembering how much fun he had with his Thomas the train set and Hot Wheels and help him look forward to the future. Not that I ever will stop thinking about him as a carefree, little guy, though. That’s what moms do!

The brothers pose together the day last Saturday.

The brothers posed together last Friday, a couple days before the big birthday.

3. The kid is looking forward to three milestones of his own this year: Turning 18 on June 1, high school graduation on June 8, and leaving the nest for college in late August. My beloved baby boy off on his own! It’s so hard to imagine.

4. Last but certainly not least, I have a BIG birthday of my own in mid-August, one that starts with a six and ends with a zero.

That probably amazes me the most!


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