Rainbow Connection Spider-Style

Ugly but intriguing

Ugly but intriguing

The other morning when I was in our backyard, I couldn’t help but notice a spider in a large web hanging from David, our Bradford pear tree. It stretched about three feet from a branch to the fence.

You know me, right? I raced back into the house to grab my Nikon D700. First, I tried the Nikon 105mm macro lens, but spidey was a little too high up for its range. And, of course, I wasn’t about to get too near the little bugger in case it decided to jump on my head. Too terrifying to even contemplate!

Not too close for comfort

Not too close for comfort

So I switched to the Nikon (f/4) 300mm lens, and that did the trick. I watched . . . from afar, natch . . . as the spinybacked orb weaver (yep, I Googled it) weaved its web. The entire time it was busy as a, well, bee. If that bee was white and black with eight legs, of course.

As I was walking away to return to the safety of my house, I saw that the arachnid and its silky work of art was backlit. Usually I don’t like to shoot into the sun, but I figured I’d give it a try.

A backlit surprise

A backlit surprise

I was so glad I did! The spider captured a rainbow!!


6 responses to “Rainbow Connection Spider-Style

  1. Very nice captures 🙂

  2. Very interesting spider, I have never seen one like it. Its web is beautiful, very good 🙂

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