A Different President’s Day

The view as we were driving on Hwy. 45

The view as we were driving north on Hwy. 45

Yesterday the Mister, our younger son, and I drove to Huntsville. Our destination was Sam Houston State University, where the kid plans to attend college. The goal was to check with an advisor about classes he’ll take in the fall and for the Mister to see the campus for the first time.

Nearing the end of our 90-minute drive there is something you just can’t miss along the side of the road: A ginormous statue of Sam Houston hisself. Called a “Tribute to Courage” and sculpted by David Adickes, it’s a whopping 67-feet tall, which doesn’t even include the 10-foot-tall base!

Yep, everything really is bigger in Texas . . . including our statues!

Can he dunk?

Can he dunk?

How appropriate that we passed by good, old cement Sam on our way to his namesake college. After all, yesterday was President’s Day . . . and sudden Sam was the first and third presidents of this great state of Texas!


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