Time Won’t Stand Still

My #1 son is congratulated by our principal.

My #1 son is congratulated by our former principal almost three years ago.

Last night I had one of those “can’t time slow down?” moments.

It happened when my older son and I were talking on the phone about his schedule for fall classes. As in the penultimate semester of his college career at UTSA. As in . . . he’s almost done!

After we hung up, I sat back in my office chair and pondered life’s inevitabilities. Time truly does march on, of course. But does it have to march so darned fast?

That UTSA acceptance letter and high school diploma? I’ve fooled myself into believing they happened sooner than later.

August 2010 at UTSA

August 2010 at UTSA

Goodness sakes, the memory of moving my son into his dorm still feels fresh.

Yet here we are about three years later with my collegian preparing for a new start after a lifetime of education. It’s a sobering thought.

One son nearing the finish line, the other about to start.

I’m sure I’ll be revisiting these feelings several more times this year. Beginning in June with another high school graduation and at the end of August when that fall semester actually begins . . . for both of my precious sons.

Cue the Kleenex!


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