Elementary Trivial Pursuit

We’re ready to play!

We’re ready to play!

Part of our family fun time lately has been playing trivia Friday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. It started when we helped out our disc golf pal Eric’s team and then evolved into my younger son wanting to start our own squad. He dubbed us “Team Beowulf.”

We really have a great time trying to figure out the answers together. We’re all able to contribute. There’s one problem, though, with Beowulf: We’re either too old or too young; we don’t have one or two people in the middle who can help out with the questions we always fall down on . . . like 1990s music (the bane of our trivial existence).

We cringe whenever we hear that an upcoming category is “music” or “lost lyrics.” Most of the time we have utterly no idea what to answer.

You know what “C” is for!

You know what “C” is for!

Why isn’t 1990s music in our wheelhouse? That’s when we had our sons! We were busy listening to “Wheels on the Bus,” Barney’s classic “I Love You,” and the iconic “C Is for Cookie,” not . . . well, quite honestly, I can’t name one artist or group from that decade. I’m proud to say that I’m forever stuck from 1963-1975 when it comes to the songs I enjoy.

As well as those from when the boys were little. I guess we need to suggest to the trivia types to ask questions about 1990s young music . . . as in very young.

But until we recruit someone who was born in the 1970s or early ’80s, we’re stuck with our usual prayer just before the weekly music question is asked:

“Please be from the 1950s (the Mister’s fave), ’60s, or early ’70s! Or something Cookie Monster sings!!”

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