Another Jay Literally Knocks At Our Door

The welcome mat is NOT for birds!

Once again, the welcome mat is NOT for birds!

Yesterday morning as I sat in my office working on my new, slim iMac, I heard something hit the decorative glass on the front door. Hard.

I turned in my office chair and saw a little blue jay clinging to the glass. Apparently, a gust of wind had blown the poor thing into it. At first I was afraid he might start pecking at the glass and break it. But then I had another thought.

Grab that Nikon!

By the time I did, the jay was on the front porch. I opened the door to snap some shots, and he didn’t flinch at all. Who did this remind me of?

On his way

On his way

Our ever-lovin’ Hoppy of a couple years ago. Except this time the fledgling, who I quickly dubbed “Hoppy Jr.,” didn’t stay on the porch. He hopped over to our oak tree and tried to jump on it. But he failed, because apparently he damaged his left wing in his crash. Poor birdie.

Papa Jay (Hoppy?) keeps an eye on Junior.

Papa Jay (Hoppy?) keeps an eye on Junior.

Meanwhile, one of his parents sat on our neighbors’ gutter and made sure the little guy was protected.

See ya later!

See ya later!

Eventually, Hoppy Jr. scooted his way under the neighbors’ fence, and I figured that was that.

But it wasn’t.

Tree climbing is a breeze.

Tree climbing is a breeze with two good wings.

All too soon another ball of fluff came hopping over to that same oak . Obviously, the nest in our other neighbors’ tree has been vacated, with the birth of babies and their move-out. This jay, though, was able to jump up the oak without any problem.

A wary eye

A wary eye

This time the other parent kept the feathered sibling safe.

I have a feeling we’ll see the blue jay family around for awhile as the kids learn to fly. And here’s hoping that Hoppy Jr.’s wing heals enough for him to move on and eventually raise his own brood.

Maybe some day we’ll be visited by Hoppy III! Hopefully, though, not so violently.

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