Berries and Birdies

They look yummy!

Not quite ready to be picked

While snapping disc golf photos during last Tuesday’s Southwest Handicap Mini, my Nikon 105mm macro lens was thoroughly distracted. The culprit?


Plump blackberries

Perfect for cobbler, jam, or just plain eating

Imperial Park was bursting with the yummy (to some) gems. I had never seen so many of them there. If only they had been strawberries or blueberries! I’d have returned the next day with a bucket. Sadly, they weren’t.

The kid’s bid for two.

The kid’s try for two (which he missed).

Of course, I was really at the park to shoot pics of my younger son (who finished second with his handicap and tied for third with his raw score) and the other players in their bids for bountiful birdies.

How apropos!

How apropos!

No, not this kind!

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