An Odd Kind of Gardening

The zinnias look shot.

The zinnias look shot.

It’s pretty well-established that my thumb ain’t exactly green. Any plants and bushes that look good in our front yard are the result of luck and someone else’s hard work. Not ours.

But recently I realized that my gardening strengths aren’t at ground level. I needed to set my sights higher. As in much higher.

Yes, it’s the neighborhood eyesore.

Yes, it’s the neighborhood eyesore.

Like the gutter.

This weed suddenly sprouted up a few weeks ago and just kept getting taller and taller. Soon it was blocking the downspout, which meant that when it rained, the water would cascade over the gutter and wash away the mulch below.

Not a great situation at all.

Goodbye, weedy!

Goodbye, weedy!

So I finally got my younger son to grab a stepladder and climb up to pull out the intruder. Think that will be the end of our metal garden?

Not again!

This is in a different gutter in front of our house.

Oh oh!


3 responses to “An Odd Kind of Gardening

  1. Don’t you love “odd” gardening!? 🙂 Ok, not in the gutters but…there’s always something fascinating to me about unconventional gardening. Nice post, Wayne.

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