My Sweet Sons

I’m surrounded by love!

I’m surrounded by love! (Photo by the Mister with my Nikon 1 V1)

I had such a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday!  I celebrated my 21st one with a refreshing four-mile walk, a movie (“The Great Gatsby,” which was pretty good), a barbecue lunch, and watching the “Survivor” finale (our family’s favorite TV show). Way to go, Cochran!

The best part of Mother’s Day for me is simply being with my sons and the Mister. We could be doing nothing, and I’d be happy as long as we’re together.

Sensitive and clever

Sensitive and clever

Well, that and the cards the boys make me. I love that they’re handmade—they’re so special. My younger son, whose card is on the left, said he went back to his kindergarten roots for his simple message (inside is a heart and the verbiage “Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life!” and “Also thank you for putting up with my singing.”).

My witty, older boy’s card on the front says, “It’s gonna be a great Mother’s Day! Especially because we’re using the right ‘it’s.’ Maybe we just know what we’re talking about.” (Yes, he’s a word geek like me.)

Inside he wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day! Since this is your 21st Mother’s Day, you can drink now.” Funny kid!

Gotta love this kind of emotional fuel. What a high!


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