Food List Mania

Recognize any of these eateries?

Recognize any of these eateries?

My older son likes to make lists. He started when he was young, and, apparently, he’s continued to this day. I know that because yesterday when we asked him what he’d like to eat for dinner, he whipped out a neatly folded piece of paper featuring his signature small scrawl and handed it to me.

It was his list of favorite (and acceptable) places to eat. It opens with sit-down restaurants where he can enjoy boneless buffalo bites, chicken fingers, dry hamburgers, hot dogs, and honey-seared chicken. There’s not much variety in his choices; he’s pretty picky. The second line includes eateries with drive-throughs. The third, obviously, are pizza places, while the final set is for desserts.

My #1 son chats with his little bro last night at Fuddrucker's.

My #1 son chats with his little bro last night at Fuddrucker’s.

You’ll notice that “home” and “Mom’s cooking” are nowhere to be found in his log. He hates when I whip up my few standard meals, dismissing them with a withering “this isn’t as good as eating out.”

Apparently, I’ve made his “places to avoid” list!


4 responses to “Food List Mania

  1. I have a child who makes charts of what she would like to be served at home. Breakfast lunch at dinner are the columns with days of the week as the rows. I like her organization skills, but laugh at her efforts to make it easier for me to better serve her.

  2. Chase Sandmann

    By the way, readers of this post who can relate (either by being picky eating adults themselves or knowing other adults who are picky eaters) should look up Selective Eating Disorder, as it is a problem that persists into adulthood more often than one might think. Just knowing that these problems exist can help those who suffer from them.

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